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Birth Certificate: Herbert Cooper

On a visit to my Mum and Dad in Thornton in August 1989, I was shown a tin containing old family documents from my Dad’s side of the family, which I transcribed on Sunday 20th August 1989. One of the documents was the birth certificate of my grandfather Herbert Cooper. In November 2011 I visited my now-widowed Mum, and on Saturday 12th November 2011 I photographed those of the documents that we could find, in addition to other documents from her side of the family. Herbert Cooper’s birth certificate was not among these documents, however.

Birth Certificate, Herbert Cooper
as I copied it on Sunday 20th August 1989:

When and Where Born: 25 March 1887, 171 Granville Street U[rban] S[anitary] D[istrict]. Name, if any: Herbert. Sex: Boy. Name and Surname of Father: Alfred Cooper. Name and Maiden Surname of Mother: Elizabeth Cooper formerly Fox. Rank or Profession of Father: Warehouse man
It was among photographs and documents that I took away in December 2012 to scan, though.

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