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Saturday 10 May 2014

[Rome, 2014]

14:26 Cleethorpes
17:33 Manchester Airport
Premier Inn, Runger Lane North

Day 130 Judges 12-14; Psalms 143
…Was packing my bits and pieces, and helping where needed with coloured suitcase straps, carrying suitcases downstairs, etc.… Did this and that: wound the clock; fed and watered the birds (had a brief chat with Mandy); checked what I’d packed, etc. The taxi arrived at 2pm to take us to the station. The doors were locked on the train when we went to it, so we had to wait. The station display said it was “Preparing”, but there was no-one aboard doing any “preparing”. The driver finally arrived and let himself in, and after a few minutes there was a chime and a green light came on around the door-opening button. I got out the “big feller” and did Day 129’s Bible reading (to 14:58), and Day 130’s, i.e. today’s (to 15:13). There were showers, some heavy, en route. It was a cool day, and what’s more the air-conditioning on the “Class 185” DMU was a bit fierce. As always, seemingly, some twat was nearby — may he go completely deaf, and be isolated from all decent society! — who had never heard of in-ear earpieces, and had sound-leaking ones which were intrusive; even when I was listening to my own stuff, with leak-free earphones and sound playing at a reasonable level, I could hear it. Listened to Bach’s first Brandenburg Concerto, the mix I made of The Beatles I Am The Walrus, and the mono mix of the same. Made a playlist of the mono mix of “the white album” (15:59) and hadn’t finished playing that when we arrived at our destination. We got a “bomber”-style taxi to the hotel. Check-in was by means of a machine, and the receptionist showed me how to do it. It was ca.5.50pm, and we booked a table for 6pm, going briefly to the room to dump our stuff. The key-card wouldn’t open the door — then I realised that our room number was “410” not “401”! I had a very filling “New Yorker” pizza, with bacon, chicken, red and green peppers, onion, and jalapeños, and two pints of Boddingtons; and Janet had ravioli, and a Diet Coke. We were back in the room ca.8.30pm, and went to bed almost straight away. I transferred some folders and files from the WD Elements HDD to the MicroSD card on the Asus tablet/netbook first, though.

[Sunday 11 May 2014]

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