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Fleetwood Grammar School

or more properly, The Grammar School, Fleetwood

The Grammar School in Poulton Road, Fleetwood

Opened “on October 3rd, 1921, by Sir H. F. Hibbert, Bart.”[i], it was housed in a wooden building, which was intended to be a temporary measure till more permanent premises could be constructed. This was used, however, with additional extensions and outbuildings, till the school’s closure in 1977. Its magazine was The Georgian (from 1975 re-branded Focus). Each Autumn Term there was the annual Speech Day, which included the giving of prizes and certificates, held in the Marine Hall, Fleetwood.

Speech Day, 19th December 1962
Speech Day, 18th December 1963
Speech Day, 16th December 1964
Speech Day, 22nd December 1965
Senior Speech Day, 11th November 1966
Senior Speech Day, 10th November 1967
Senior Speech Day, 29th November 1968
Senior Speech Day, 24th October 1969
Senior Speech Day, 23rd October 1970
Senior Speech Day, 28th October 1971
Senior Speech Day, 26th October 1972

In 1977 the school and the nearby Bailey Secondary School were merged into Hesketh High School (later renamed inter alia Fleetwood High School), and in 1989 the disused buildings were demolished to make way for a housing estate.

[i] The Georgian, No.71, page 1

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