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Tuesday 4th January 1966


Doyle called. Showed
him way what to do now a Christian.
Scared of witnessing. Went
on knocker at Broadwater
and tracking in streets &
market. Mike Smith on
Babylon at night. V. good.

Tue. Michael Smith
speaking on
Series of
3 talks.
Take notes.
David Doyle called at my house, where I showed him what to do now that he was a Christian. He told me that he was scared of witnessing. I must have told him, then, that one of the next steps in his Christian life was to share his faith and Christian experience with others. Cf. David Jones and David Doyle.

I went on the knocker at Broadwater, a district of Fleetwood, and tracking in the streets and market. Fleetwood Market is in Adelaide Street, at the far end of Lord Street. The diary doesn’t say whom I was with, but I wouldn’t have done these activities alone.

The Bible Study meeting at Fleetwood Full Gospel Church was held on Tuesday evenings, and this evening Michael Smith, Pastor Stanley Smith’s son, was speaking on “Babylon”, the first of a series of three talks. I wrote “Take notes”, but since I don’t possess any from 1966, I assume that I didn’t. I thought that his talk was v[ery] good.

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