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Monday 17th January 1966


At the top of the page for 16–19 January there is a note—

—presumably some sort of revision-plan prior to the exams. The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

School—Chem. Physics Appl.
Acky dead mad at Dinner
time. Slack time in Applied.
Tired when got home but
Pastor was there after seeing
Nanny & Grandad (Pr. Christ).
Went tracking with R & Aud.
Acky—Mr. Atkinson. Cf. Early days at Fleetwood Grammar School: French—Mr. Atkinson. The loudness of his sudden shouting took me aback. This was in the school canteen at dinner time. The teachers occupied a block of tables opposite the serving-hatches.
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I felt tired when I got home, but I rallied when I saw that Pastor was there. He’d come from visiting Nanny and Grandad Cooper. They had “professed Christ”, i.e. had expressed a definite and personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Years before, they had been regular churchgoers—Methodists—so it may have been that they had already exercised saving faith, and that today’s act was just a confirmation of this.

R: Robert Parkinson, I assume. But cf. Wednesday 23rd March 1966 where it is Robert Miller who is mentioned; however, there, I felt the need to add the surname Miller.

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