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Wednesday 22nd June 1966


I made a diary-entry about this evening’s activity:

Went to
Baptist Church after
Full Gospel meeting
(Children’s meeting).
See back.
See back—i.e. back to the diary-opening for Sunday 15th–Saturday 21st May 1966 and Sunday 22nd May–Saturday 28th May 1966.

Meeting with Baptist June 22.
The man was
born again and he
preaches the gospel
my overall judgement
was that this
was GOOD.
I was in disagreement
with his idea
that a man could
“grow” into Christ
without a sudden
conversion. God is
the judge of this
Was in utmost
agreement in the fact
that he said that we
should both allow
one another to preach
without criticising them.
Cf. when the disciples
tried to stop a man
preaching because he
was not one of them.
Jesus said “Let
him” because he
professed Jesus’ name.
So it should be with
Altogether a brotherly
conversation and felt
overall really
blessed from it.

The man was called Frank.

This was good… Altogether a brotherly conversation…—but cf. Sunday 8th October 1967 and Thursday 30th November 1967.

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