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Tuesday 9th August 1966


Went on Census.
Went Bible Study.
Joined F’wood Library.
Lesson 1 to Jones?: Cf. Saturday 6th August 1966: “Post Lesson 1 to Jones again! (Didn’t do this.)” The fact that today’s note is deleted by a blue coloured pencil stroke perhaps indicates that I finally posted it to him.

Going on Census? asks a previously written note. Yes: the diary-entry indicates that in fact I went on the Census, on the knocker. I also went to the Bible Study at church in the evening.

A note written after this, but back-tracking to earlier in the day, says that I joined Fleetwood Library. This is a convenient place to place Johannine Writings XXII.2:
XXII.2.And the reading of books replaced the ardent perusal of the Scriptures.

“And the reading of books replaced the ardent perusal of the Scriptures.”
Judging by the use of blue coloured pencil in today’s diary-entry, it would be around this time that I raised with Audrey the matter of what Chris told me ca. Saturday 9th July 1966, that, according to Yvonne Watt, Audrey wasn’t keen on me but would keep going around with me because of the family. I concluded that things were all right.

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