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Documents scanned on Saturday 16 November 2013 and Sunday 17 November 2013

[Family History — 1814–1899]
[Family History — 1900 onwards]

“Photos of the Paine family and the Hindley family (my mother’s maiden name)”

Covering note, in my Mum’s hand, as were the captions below

My Aunt Anne Dad’s youngest sister

My Mum aged about 19 (1917) — Edith Annie Hindley. She was lovely.

The siblings were: Florry, Elizabeth (called Cis), Edith, and Ernest. Edith (my Mum’s mother) had all her teeth out in December 1920, because they were crossed at the front, and she wore dentures. She visited several dentists before she found one who was willing to perform the procedure, because her teeth were in perfect condition.

My Mother on the right with her sister Elizabeth but called Cissy

Wedding of Mum & Dad in 1920: Mr. John Edward Paine, Mrs. Edith Annie Paine née Hindley

The wedding of my parents in 1920, John Edward Paine to Edith Annie Hindley

The wedding was on Wednesday 8 December 1920, and their first son John Edward (“Jack”) was born six months later, Monday 6 June 1921, so he was “on the way” when his parents were married.

My Aunt Edith and me taken in 1923

My father John Edward Paine with my brother John Paine and me Marjorie Elizabeth Paine taken on the sandhills Blackpool about 1925

My Dad (John Edward Paine) and me (Marjorie Elizabeth Paine) taken about 1926

When Mum and I discussed the above photo, she thought it was taken in Llangollen. The aqueduct there is cast-iron, not brick and/or masonry, though, and the date is wrong. My Mum’s mother was unwell after giving birth to Ronnie (Monday 13 February 1928), and in the July they went on holiday to Cefn Mawr near Llangollen. They went there the year after that as well. There were little houses across the valley, and my Mum exclaimed to her mother, “Look at all those dolls’ houses!”

Jack aged about 7

This is a photo of my Mum’s “Auntie Edith”.

Outside 91 Watson Road taken about 1930

Mum & me in the back garden of 91 Watson Rd Blackpool taken in 1937 when I was 15

My Mum and me taken about 1937

Mum and Dad

My Dad acting potty in the back garden of 91 Watson Road

Uncle Ernest, my Mum, Aunt Cis and Aunt Florry taken in the back garden of 91 Watson Road Blackpool

New Year’s Eve 1952 or 1953

This was at the Baronial Hall, the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. Who was looking after Steven and me — Nanny and Grandad Cooper? And when did Mum and Dad come home? They would, presumably, “see the New Year in”, and sleep over at someone’s house in Blackpool, before returning to Preston perhaps, by bus or train, the next morning.

My Mum probably somewhere in Austria

“Charles’ father’s birth certificate: Herbert Cooper
“Letters sent to Louisa Osborne (later Mrs. L. Cooper) from Herbert Cooper during the 1914–18 war. He was a prisoner of war in Germany.
“Also a photo of Herbert and other prisoners”

Covering note, in my Mum’s hand, as were the captions below 

Herbert Cooper Charles’ father prisoner of war in Germany during the 1914–1918 war. He was suffering from frostbite.

Herbert Cooper Charles’ father a prisoner of war during the First World War 1914–1918. He suffered from frost bite.

“Photos of Charles with his parents, and a card sent when he was born”

Covering note, in my Mum’s hand, as were the captions below 

Charles with his parents at Bridlington 1923

Charles aged about 4 or 5 at Bridlington

Charles with his parents about 1930

Charles as a lad

Charles with his parents about 1938 outside 11 Napier Avenue Blackpool

“Photos of Charles and me taken between 1941 and 1946”

Covering note, in my Mum’s hand, as were the captions below

About 1941 or 1942*
*That’s what Mum wrote on the back of the photo, but according to Dad, he “wasn’t ‘called up’ till he was 20” (i.e. 1943).

1941 or 42 

1941 or 1942 

1941 or 1942 



Bridesmaid is Betty Owen, and Best Man is someone surnamed Bashforth, one of my Dad’s comrades-in-arms. Mum’s brother, my Uncle Jack, was supposed to be Best Man, but he couldn’t get leave from the army. The lad in front is David Gillott.

Taken at Stockghyll Force Ambleside 1946

The Lake District 1946

The Lake District 1946

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