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Tom Bennett’s letter

1965, the year that changed my life
The “mock O-levels”

 My Mum and Dad sent Tom and Grace a gift for their hospitality to us. I was a bit concerned about their reaction when they found out that we came from Blackpool and not Grimsby, but presumably this was explained in the covering note with the gift. Or maybe we wrote explaining. At any rate, it was not mentioned in the letter Tom wrote back:

T. [and] G. Bennett.  
73 Camp St.    
Lower Broughton
Salford 7. 
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cooper,
 Grace and I both thank you for these presents but there was really no need to send them.
 It was a pleasure having the boys here. You see, when I first came to Manchester I was in a somewhat similar position to them so I know that feeling of being alone with nowhere to stay.
 I know they were perhaps wrong in leaving without telling you but I hope you feel it was all worthwhile if Chris is cured.
 Please tell the boys to keep me posted as to his progress.
 We thank you again
Yours sincerely,
Tom and Grace Bennett.
Concerning the “Second First Visit” to Manchester

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