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Tuesday 2 September 2008


Mersey Ferry
We went on the Mersey Ferry, not the service that goes directly across, but the tour that heads towards the mouth of the Mersey before turning back to land at Seacombe, Wallesey, and Woodside, Birkenhead. There was intermittent rain, but when the trip ended the rain had become heavy and persistent.

Montage from a brief movie-clip

The movie-clip itself

Montage from a brief movie-clip

The movie-clip itself

Magical Mystery Tour

We made our way back in heavy rain to the hotel, then in the afternoon went to the information-centre to wait for the Magical Mystery Tour participants to be collected. It was the same fellow Neil as in 2002 who led us to the pick-up point, where the coach wasn’t waiting and where the rain came on again. Eventually, the coach did arrive, and already had a lot of people on board: from England, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand.

Here, Janet can just be seen boarding the coach.

And here's the equivalent scene in 2002.

First stop was at George Harrison's birthplace:…

…12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool 15.

Comparison with 2002.
Looks like the people next door have stolen the Harrisons' hanging basket!

We passed St. Peter's, Woolton, but I wasn't quick enough to snap the church hall across the road where John and Paul first met.

Next, on to Strawberry Field, celebrated in the song "Strawberry Fields Forever". View from the coach…

…and photo taken on our visit in 2002.

Montage from a brief movie-clip

The movie-clip itself

Janet poses outside the coach,…

…and I pose outside the gate.

Comparison with 2002

View, from the coach, of "Mendips", 251 Menlove Avenue, where John Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi

2002 photo. Since then, a metal security gate has been erected at the side of the house.

Another view of "Mendips" from the coach

We stopped at Forthlin Road, where Paul McCartney lived…

…at No.20.

2002 photo

2002 photo

Montage from a brief movie-clip

The movie-clip itself

The house now belongs to the National Trust, which organises tours.

The landmarks from "Penny Lane" aren't actually in Penny Lane. The bank is on the corner of Allerton Road and Church Road.

2002 photo

The "shelter in the middle of the roundabout" is in Smithdown Place. Penny Lane starts on the opposite side of the road.

2002 photo. The "shelter in the middle of the roundabout" was then Sgt. Pepper's Bistro, but is now disused.

At the other end of Penny Lane is where people pose for photographs. Near the top of the wall you can see where the old painted "Penny Lane" sign was: people kept stealing the screwed-on signs, so the council painted the sign on the wall.

2002 photo

2002 photo

Our coach, parked in Penny Lane.
Although it dates from the correct period, the coach was not a six-wheeled one as it was in the "Magical Mystery Tour" movie.

Janet boarding the authentic six-wheeled coach in 2002

Another view of the authentic six-wheeled 2002 coach

Old fogy posing across the road from where the first posing was done

Presumably, the new-style plastic signs can be cheaply reproduced when people steal them.

We passed Madryn Street, where Ringo Starr was born.

The houses, apart from No.9 where Ringo was born, are boarded up ready for demolition.

Close-up, showing No.9

We passed The Empress pub, which appeared on the cover of Ringo's first solo album Sentimental Journey.

2002 photo

Next to The Empress, Admiral Grove where Ringo was brought up

2002 photo

Thumbs up to the local drunk — "Harry the Can" I think Neil the tour-guide said his name is, because he always has a can of lager in his hand

At one end of Hope Street (appropriately named): the Anglican Cathedral

2002 photo

Another shot of the Cathedral as we pass

And another. It looks rather unkempt.

View down Mount Street, off Hope Street…

…with a Beatle landmark…

…and another

Another view down Mount Street

2002 photo

At the other end of Hope Street (as I say, appropriately named): the Catholic Cathedral.

2002 photo

We bid farewell to our guide, Neil. Neil was also our guide when we first did the Magical Mystery Tour in 2002. We were pleased it was him again. Both times he was excellent.

Comparison with 2002

The Cavern Club is on Mathew Street, and on the corner is the Beatles-themed Hard Day's Night hotel.

Janet had her photo taken by this statue of John Lennon opposite the Cavern Club.

Comparison with 2002

The Cavern Wall of Fame: How many do you recognise?

Outside the entrance to the Cavern Club:
Don't know where the steps going up lead to, because we had to DESCEND several flights to reach it.

Comparison with 2002

The Cavern Club

2002 photo

A pint of Guinness is "the gear". (UK pints are 20 fl. oz.)

The fellow behind Janet looks like Sidney, our glum-looking teddy bear.

Farewell to The Cavern

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