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The “Wignall Period”

1965, the year that changed my life
We go back to the police station

Sunday 17th January 1965

2003 photo

2003 photo

 We started going to Wignall Memorial Methodist Church in Thornton; we probably went there for the three Sundays following Chris’s healing.[1] Services were held at Wignall twice on Sundays, morning and evening, but I suppose that we only went to the evening one. Despite our newly-born interest in spiritual things, I nevertheless found that during those dull services at Wignall the time seemed to drag, and I became impatient for them to end. One might say that for me religion there was something to be endured, not enjoyed.[2]

[1] The three Sundays following Chris’s healing: i.e. 17th, 24th and 31st January 1965.
[2] Religion there was something to be endured, not enjoyed: I hear better things of Wignall nowadays, though.

I go back to school

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