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Hazel and Pam return home

1965, the year that changed my life
Poor Peter!

Monday 17th May 1965
 1. Hazel and Pam were to return home the following morning, Monday. But I had to go to school and so I wouldn’t be able to see them off at the Coliseum. Or rather, I should say, “…see her off”, because it was of course Pam in whom I was interested. So, after doing my morning newspaper delivery round and before catching the bus for school, there I was on Chris’s back doorstep: Knock kno-knock knock! (Cooper’s characteristic knock). Oh, the delight of young love! There she was at the back door. The kiss on sweet lips slick with freshly-applied lipstick. And the acute but exquisite heart-yearning that followed all day at school.

 2. Chris’s Mum thought that our romance was all very serious because of my early arrival at their house that morning.

 3. Although it was just a weekend that had passed, I had the sort of feeling that one gets after a week’s or two weeks’ holiday, of regret that it was over. I expressed this in my letter to Pam.

 4. Some time later, when Chris and I discussed our situation, we thought of ourselves as repeating the experience of Pastors Barratt and Williams. We had nothing more in support of this supposition than a blurb advertising their autobiography Changed Lives, which went as follows:

 How these two men
  Met as boys of 12
   Grew up together
    Married sisters
     Were both converted
      Became ministers
       Pray for the sick
“Met as boys of twelve…” Yes, we thought, just like us. “Grew up together…” Near enough. “Were both converted…” Yes. So it seemed predestined that we were going to marry the sisters and go into the ministry.

Pamela’s first letter

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