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John Nelson Parr, Fleetwood, Lancs. England.
March, 1972.

“Incredible”: autobiography of John Nelson Parr — Contents
Chapter Twenty: Incredible Evangelist to the World



This is a copy of the first circular sent to some of the leading British Pastors of a few of the Independent Pentecostal Churches.
Dear Brother in Christ,
 Having recently discussed with several Leaders the urgent necessity of establishing a union of Assemblies, it has been laid upon my heart to take a step towards the accomplishment of this object.
 It is with great joy that I learn from Brother A. H. Cooper that you are willing to co-operate and render every assistance possible. I am therefore enclosing a draft letter which it is suggested should be sent to the Leaders of Pentecostal Assemblies.
 It is very essential that the first letter should bear the signatures of several Leaders and I shall be glad if you will give me permission to append your signature.
 Any suggested alterations to the draft letter will be very gratefully received; please do not hesitate to make any suggestions whatever.
 A draft of the proposals to be put before the Assemblies will D.V. be sent to you at an early date for prayerful and earnest consideration, it is then suggested that the Brethren whose signatures will be shown on the attached letter arrange a preliminary meeting to discuss and agree upon the basis of the suggested union.
 In closing may I give you my sincere and earnest assurance that the supreme desire filling my heart is to see that union established which so many are longing for; and my joy will be to retire into the background when it is an accomplished fact.
 Yours in Christ Jesus our One Lord.


Copy of Draft Letter to be sent to Independent Pentecostal Meetings. This became Circular No. 1 and was sent to all the independent Pentecostal Meetings after being approved and signed by the following Pastors: Moser, Mercy, Myerscough, Gee, A. H. Carter, Buckley, Parr, Blackman, Watson, Inman, Watkinson, Webster.
Beloved in Christ Jesus,
 Greetings! For some considerable time it has been apparent to those who have at heart the interest of the Pentecostal work in Great Britain, that the one outstanding need is a closer co-operation and union of the Assemblies.
 Although previous efforts to bring about union have apparently failed yet there are a number of leaders and elders in this country who are firmly convinced that the Spirit of God has revealed to them that a sound and Scriptural Union should and must be established for the following reasons:
  1. To preserve the testimony to the full Gospel including the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with signs following and to save the work from false teaching.

  2. To strengthen the bonds of fellowship and to obtain a fuller degree of co-operation among the Assemblies.

  3. To present a united witness to those on the outside.

  4. To exercise discipline over those who walk disorderly. To fail to recognise authority of those who have the rule over us in the church throws the door open to lawlessness.

  5. To save a number of Assemblies from falling into unscriptural organisations.
 The situation undoubtedly calls for and demands immediate, earnest and prayerful consideration and action.
 There can be union without Legislative Authority, without “Centralization” and without interference in local church government from any council or committee that the assemblies may see fit to appoint for advisory or executive purposes.
 In furtherance of this object we the undersigned earnestly request that God’s people everywhere will earnestly intercede that the will of God may be accomplished in this matter.
“Prayer changes things”
 It is therefore suggested that December 1923 be set apart by all Assemblies standing for the full gospel for special prayer and fasting.
 We invite and will heartily welcome any suggestions you may desire to put forward.
 A further communication will D.V. be sent to you after December.
 May we all seek in meekness, humility, forbearance, longsuffering and love to strive together by prayer, exhortation and influence to establish union of the Assemblies, as we feel confident this will bring praise, honour and glory to the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
 Yours in Christ Jesus our One Lord.
Appendix B

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