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John Nelson Parr, Fleetwood, Lancs. England.
March, 1972.

“Incredible”: autobiography of John Nelson Parr — Contents
Chapter Eleven: Incredible Bethshan Revival Scenes

Chapter Twelve

We started an orchestra and immediately there were shouts of horror and indignation, however, the orchestra proved a great blessing, put ziperation into the singing and helped us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. The drummer had been playing in a dance band. He accepted the Saviour and consecrated his drums for the Lord’s service.

We organised a battalion of Gospel tract distributors and they are continually distributing Gospel tracts to houses, shops and elsewhere within a two mile radius of the Tabernacle. In 1935 they distributed 112,000 tracts, the majority having been distributed door to door, and many of these flame of fire soul winners are still carrying on this great work. They distribute between 80,000 to 100,000 tracts annually.

We were invited to join a United Procession of Witness of all the Churches, Chapels and Missions in the district. We gladly co-operated and one of our members, the late Councillor J. H. Meachin, J.P., decided to present the Tabernacle with a banner and requested me to submit one or two designs. The firm who made the banner produced one of the most gorgeous banners ever carried through the streets of Manchester. It is a masterpiece of first class craftsmanship, and we are greatly indebted to our Brother for leaving behind a fitting reminder of his interest in the work of God at Bethshan. Four very beautiful bannerettes in blue and gold are also carried in the procession, bearing the words: “Jesus Saves From Sin”, “Jesus Heals The Sick”. “Jesus Baptises in the Spirit”, “Jesus is Coming Again”. Unfortunately certain Ministers objected to Bethshan taking part in the United Procession, others did not agree with this objection and that was the end of united processions. After taking part in one United Procession Bethshan Tabernacle continued holding a Procession of Witness every year, followed by an Open Air Service in Crowcroft Park. God has mightily blessed the March of Witness and the Open Air Service and many have found the Saviour. One unique feature of the Procession of Witness is the pre-eminence and prominence given to the word of God. A large copy of the Bible is carried on a Bible Carrier and is borne on the shoulders of four young people at the head of the procession. We were never informed why certain Churches objected to our presence in the United Procession, however, the Lord has certainly sent His Blessing upon our own March of Witness to the Full Gospel.

Chapter 13: The Incredible “Y.E.S.”

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