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Pamela’s fifth letter

1965, the year that changed my life
The trip to Buxton, and the “one moment of passion”

 1. Chris and I returned home the next day, Tuesday, and I wrote a letter to Pam that day — or on Wednesday at the latest, for she wrote to me on Thursday thanking me for my letter.

Perhaps Saturday 12th June 1965
 2. I suppose that I received Pam’s letter on Saturday 12th June 1965, since she wrote it on Thursday and probably posted it the next day.

69, Upper Chorlton Rd.
Whalley Range, 
M/c 16.   

Dear John,
 Thanks for your letter. I really enjoyed the weekend also, and it’s horrible being back at work.
 It’s okay about Monday, it was only a bit of fun, but I wouldn’t like to meet your Dad when he was angry (only joking).
 I’m sorry for not being in such a good mood Monday night, I was just a bit tired.
 By the way, John, I’ve got the photos. They’re quite good.
 The one I took of Hazel and Chris has come out smashing, also the one they took of us, except you can’t see me hardly if you know what I mean.
 We’ve shown Mum the photos, except those two which we thought they might not approve of.
 I sent the negatives in today so I will send them on as soon as they’re ready.
 Thanks for your invitation to come down again. I’ll try and arrange it with the Sunday School Superintendent for a convenient Sunday.
 I’ll pray for your exams, John. What’s the weather like there? It’s been gorgeous here today. I hope it’s nice tomorrow as I’m off work.
 I’ll close now, John.

Hope to see you soon.
Love, Pam.
x x x x x

I assume it was Hazel who drew this on the back of the second page. Whether or not Pam knew of it when she posted the letter, I don't know.

The “exams” were my GCE O-levels, which I presumably started the following week after the half-term break for Whitsuntide, and would continue doing till the end of the month. I took nine subjects: Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, and Physics.

My Mum makes a decision for Christ

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