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Pamela’s twelfth letter

1965, the year that changed my life
My Dad goes to the church

Perhaps Wednesday 14th July 1965
 Pam wrote her twelfth letter to me on Tuesday, “13/7/65”, and posted it later the same day, so I probably received it on Wednesday 14th July 1965.

69, Upper Chorlton Rd.
Whalley Range,
M/c 16. 

Dear John,
 Thanks for your letter. Of course I start packing a week before. I have to get everything ready myself. I suppose your Mum gets everything for you. Boys usually get away with it. (Aren’t I awful!)
 Well, there’s not much happened here, John, except the meetings were very good at weekend.
 We had another youth meeting on Saturday night. I had to introduce the items again. The group’s getting very good now, John. They learnt us a new chorus called “Send a Revival”.
 By the way, John, I’m not a rotten speller, you cheeky thing. Anyway, we can’t all be clever.
 I’ll close now, John. I won’t write again before Saturday as it isn’t worth it. So, I’ll see you there.

      x x x x x x

Holiday in Scarborough — Day One

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