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Wednesday 3 September 2008


World Museum, St. George’s Hall, etc., Liverpool

I took this photo of the World Museum just after we enjoyed some hours there. It has different-themed exhibits on each of its five or six levels, accessed from a central atrium.

I set my camera to “movie”-mode, and panned around:—

—World Museum,—

—Central Library (obscured by trees),—

—Walker Art Gallery,—

—Wellington’s Column,—

—St. George’s Hall,—

—St. George’s Hall, St. John’s Gardens, St. John’s Beacon.

On the south end of St. George’s Hall (out of shot to the left in the inset photo below), in the kind of “plinth” that the hall stands on, there was an entrance-door. It was open to the public, so we went in. It was almost closing time, so we didn’t get to see the grandeur of the hall itself. But this strange sight met our eyes: a maze of tunnels, part of the Victorian heating and air-conditioning system.

Not the condemned cell. (The condemned cell had a fireplace. At least you
could warm yourself before you were hanged.)

The Crown Court

St. George’s Hall from Lime Street. Behind us is Liverpool Lime Street
railway station — and what a strange sight met our eyes!

There was a strange mechanical spider on the side of a building! Afterwards, it was filmed on the TV news, walking along the street. It was part of the “Liverpool 08”, “City of Culture” celebrations.

Final view back along Lime Street before we returned to the hotel, with the
“Liverpool 08” promotional light-show

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