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I am christened

Early Days

Sunday 30th July 1950

The certificate is signed by “J. Flitcroft, Vicar”; cf. Religious matters, though, where the vicar is named as Mr. Lunt.

According to the certificate, my baptism[1] took place on 30th July 1950 at St. Andrew’s church, Ashton-on-Ribble; and according to the same certificate, my godparents[2] were: “John Paine” (Uncle Jack), “Ronald Paine” (Uncle Ronnie), and “Sarah”.[3]
[1] My baptism — but compare We are baptised.
[2] My godparents: I had thought that it was “Auntie” Connie and “Uncle” Roland, friends of my Mum and Dad but called Auntie and Uncle, who were my godparents, but presumably they were my brother Steven’s.
[3] Sarah: Who is Sarah? Is it Auntie Sally, who married Uncle Jack later in the year? (Her given name, though, as I discovered on 8th November 2011, was Mary and some other names, none of which was Sarah or Sally.)

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