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Chris gets his “eleven plus” result

Early Days

Towards summer 1961
 Some time between Easter and summer, Chris Woodhead was with Peter Hargreaves in the back of the Hargreaveses’ car. Peter’s Dad was driving, and his Mum was in the other seat at the front. They were driving down Victoria Road, and somewhere just before Park Road they saw Chris’s Mum, walking on the pavement
[sidewalk], heading in the direction of Mayfair Drive, where they had just come from.
 They stopped, and she got into the car. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. “I just had to come—I knew he was at your house—I had to come and tell him that we’ve got the letter from Grimsby, and he’s passed the ‘eleven plus’.”
[1] The letter from Grimsby… eleven plus: Compare The Woodheads move to Thornton.

In this 1979 photo of “Victoria Road”, taken “somewhere just before Park Road”, there’s a woman “walking on the pavement, heading in the direction of Mayfair Drive”.

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