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“Chris was just leaving!”

Early Days
 1. Jones and I were having regular appointments to play “The Game”.[1] These were frequently held on Saturday afternoons at Jones’s house (53 Victoria Road, Thornton), upstairs in his bedroom, which was, according to a hastily- and untidily-crayoned notice taped to the door, “Davelyshome, 53A Victoria Road”.
[1] “The Game”: See My friendship with David Jones: “The Game”.

 2. On a number of occasions, when I rang the front doorbell (ding, dong!) and Jones opened the door, I would see another boy standing behind him in the hallway: this was Chris Woodhead. I had already met him briefly the previous year when Leech had brought him round to my house.[more] It always happened that Chris was “just about to go” when I arrived to play with Jones.
 “Chris was just leaving,” Jones would say, turning to Chris and adding: “Weren’t you, Chris!”

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