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The Emeralds, Mallards, Broadswords and Hellfires Club (continued)

Early Days

Summer 1961
 1. It was Chris Woodhead’s idea that the Club should “empire-build” and start a Grimsby Branch.

 2. During that summer holiday, Chris visited Grimsby and stayed at his Grandma’s house in Veal Street; and he resumed his friendship with his old school pal, Peter Kemp. While visiting him, Chris discussed with him all about the Club, and asked him if he would like to be the “Commodore” of the Grimsby Branch. (Why Chris used the word “Commodore” is not clear.)
 And Peter said, “Yes.”

 3. After Chris had returned home, Peter wrote to him confirming his interest and adding: “We’d like to call our Branch the ‘Hellfire Club’.” So the Club became the Emeralds, Mallards, Broadswords and Hellfires.

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