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First day of term of Fleetwood Grammar School:
Illness prevents me from attending

Early Days
First day of term of Fleetwood Grammar School: Jones meets Gooding

Monday 4th September 1961
 3. On the first day of term of my new school, Fleetwood Grammar School, I was ill: a tummy upset—probably a “bug”, not anxiety. (Later on, anxiety would make me want to be ill of a morning so that I wouldn’t have to attend school.)

 4. This day, I was probably sick a couple of times, but the release of tension, the relief that I had another day’s grace, more than compensated for the occasional heaving distress that came upon me. My reluctance to take on the daunting world of the “big boys’ school” was reflected in my request to my sympathetic Mum, when she asked me if I wanted her to get me something while she was out at the shops where she was going to buy me some Lucozade. I replied, “Could you get me a Rupert book?”

 5. She couldn’t find a Rupert book, but she did get me a book which fired my imagination, “The Giant Book of Amazing Stories”—a large-format book of science fiction stories.
See also Dreams of Space — Books and Ephemera: The Giant Book of Amazing Stories (1955), which has a link to many other images from the book.
First day of term of Fleetwood Grammar School: Stanley Dickinson’s impressions

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