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Jones becomes Secretary of the Club

Early Days
February 1962 or after
Chris became quite a close friend to Jones then;
[1] and Jones became Secretary of the Emeralds, Mallards, Broadswords and Hellfires Club—because he had a typewriter, for no other reason.
Jones typed with great speed and even greater inaccuracy:

 “EEK!” Backspace, backspace, backspace. Slash, slash, slash.

His speed and inaccuracy were phenomenal:

 “EEK!” Backspace. Overtype. Backspace. Overtype.

 It has to be admitted, though, that he was a good organiser. At that point they hadn’t abbreviated the name of the Club; it was Jones who decided that abbreviation was the modern trend, that they ought to abbreviate it to “EMB&H”. It was also Jones who decided that they ought to have a “Disciplinary Court” for members who fell short of the just demands of the Club; and funnily enough, by some strange irony, he was the first one to be brought before it.[more]

[1] Then: i.e. after Jones’s first visit to Chris’s house.
[2] Jones typed with great speed and even greater inaccuracy: e.g. see Wednesday 5th January 1966.

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