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“Little Peter”

Early Days
Summer 1961
 1. After the initial friendship of Chris Woodhead and David Jones had started, Jones invited Chris to come round to his house.
[more] The initial meeting was one Saturday in summer 1961, and the invitation was for the next day, Sunday morning.

 2. Chris went along, then, to Jones’s house at 53 Victoria Road, Thornton, with the intention of making plans to print a Club newspaper. Jones had got several rather squiggled ideas in his distinctive handwriting (“Jones scrawl”) and bits bashed out on his typewriter—and nothing that Chris remembered came of the newspaper idea. What did happen, was that Jones became a member of the Club, and became Secretary.

 3. During that first meeting of Chris and Jones alone, Jones expressed his devout hatred for “little Peter”, who had brought them together. He told Chris that he didn’t like him; for he had been round at the Hargreaveses’ on one occasion—perhaps one of the occasions that the Joneses had come up from Manchester to look at the house—and the grown-ups had had a cup of tea, and they had offered Jones a glass of sarsaparilla (which he hated!). And he described to Chris how horrible it was:
 “I went round to ‘little Peter’s’,” he said, “and they gave me a glass of sarsaparilla. I came straight home, up to the bathroom, finger-down-throat, was sick—and got rid of it!”

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