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Richard Hartley

Early Days

Spring to summer 1961
 1. During the first six months that he was in Thornton, Chris Woodhead became very friendly with Richard Hartley. Hartley went to Baines’ Endowed School, where he was in Chris’s class and sat at the next desk but one behind Fairhurst and Leech. He may also have gone to Wignall Sunday School, where Chris went. (It seems almost as if every child in Thornton went at some time to Wignall Sunday School.) Hartley’s mother went to Wignall Memorial Methodist Church, anyhow.

 2. Hartley lived round the corner from Chris in Aintree Road, at No. 7. It was always an untidy house, Chris would notice; there were always dirty dishes stacked in the sink—which is surprising, since Hartley was the only boy among three younger sisters, who were, in order of age: Joanna, Caroline and Barbara.

Richard Hartley from a photo taken at Baines’ Endowed School in the late 1950s or perhaps even early 1960

Baines Endowed School, 1979 photo

Wignall Memorial Methodist Church, 2003 photos

Chris’s house, 19 Ascot Road, 1979 photo

Hartley’s house, 7 Aintree Road, from Google Street View, retrieved 2011
 3. Chris’s parents became friendly with Hartley’s parents; they came from the same part of the world, Lincolnshire: Chris’s from Grimsby and Hartley’s from Louth.

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