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Saturday 21st January 1967


The diary that I kept for part of 1966 also had pages for January 1967. In the space for Saturday 21st January 1967 I wrote:


Meeting at Cleveleys.
Troubled — convicted.
Pastor down — talking
about affairs of church.
I don’t remember precisely what I was so trobled [sic] in mind about, but it is probably connected with •, aft[ernoon].
There was a meeting at the Cleveleys Assembly of God, during which I felt troubled and convicted. Then Pastor was down at our house, talking about affairs of the church. I am not sure whether, as on 5 November 1967, the subject was sexual immorality being committed by members of the church (which made me troubled in mind because of my own immoral thoughts), or whether he spoke about some other, equally troublesome-to-me, matter.

I wrote nothing else in the diary in January 1967.

In the 1966 diary, after the seven-days-per-opening-plus-notes continuation for January 1967, there appeared sections entitled “NOTES” for the remaining months, two months to each page.

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