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Friday 17th March 1967


On this date Danielle Chazelet wrote, and the next day posted, her first letter to me. She was one of the “female pen friends abroad” (Johannine Writings, XXII.4, quoted at 8th January 1967), that unbeknown to me, aroused jealousy in Audrey’s heart. Chris had received a letter from a girl also called Danièle (but spelled differently, one l not two)—Danièle Fatet—along with a photo; she was quite pretty. She lived in the town of St-Étienne, capital of the French department Loire. Her writing was quite poor, and this led us to think initially that her name was Danide. We imagined her bouncing up and down on her bed, chanting, “Danide! Danide! Danide!” Chris asked “Danide” to try to find a correspondent for me, and the letter from Danielle Chazelet was the result.

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