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Tuesday 1st August 1967


I started keeping a diary in a notebook, and at the top of the first page wrote the following:

Working Mrs. West
Tue 1, Wed 2, Thur 3

This is a convenient, and possibly accurate, place to report the story recorded in Johannine Writings XXV.32, 33:
32.Now Audrey’s mother and I worked for a woman called Mrs. West.
33.And in my desperate plight I pleaded that she would intercede between her daughter and me.
My Mum used to go “distributing”—distributing handbills, advertisements or free-offer coupons door-to-door. She worked for one or two people at this, but mainly for the above-mentioned Mrs. West. She introduced me to this job during some school holidays,[1] and so we find me doing this job here.

[1] The first record of my “distributing” in this way, possibly for Mrs. West, appears in The Cooper Diaries 10th August 1966.

Mrs. Wood, Audrey’s mother, also got interested in doing it. On one of the days that we worked for Mrs. West, during a break-time or maybe shortly before we were due to go home, I was very sad because of Audrey and I was expressing this sadness to Mrs. Wood. She offered to have a word with Audrey for me. So I felt somewhat less downcast and saw a glimmer of hope. Mrs. Wood said she couldn’t “promise anything, mind”; but said she’d try on my behalf.

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