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Thursday 30th November 1967


School. [Evening:] Prayer
meeting. Ev[e]ryone [was] blessed—[but] not me.
Joan spoke with tongues [but there was] no int[erpretation].
Frank & Stewart were going to
bring [a] tape recorder to record it
and criticise. Pastor urged us to
pray that people who come week
by week not to get saved but
to criticise should be sorted out.
Peter—[in] prophecy—spoke concerning
this. Ian [had a] vision. Ken—[in] prophecy—[urged that we] receive the
power from the Lord. (He was
greatly moved tonight.) [The] hand of
God [was] in that meeting. [I] talked [with] Mrs.
Wood—that I am missing Audrey
again (it’s
⅓yr.). Seeing as I’ve
had my eye on girls in church &
school I’ve been forgetting Audrey
a little, but not tonight. [Back home, I] saw
part of [a] play on T.V.: [a] man, immoral,
[was] accused of murder [and] found guilty
but was not, was oppressed in
judgment. Later it reminded
me of [the] “Audrey–Protestant Convent”
Ian’s vision [was of] two stones lifted
without hands out of water. Mark
(thus Audrey) thinks it’s Frank &
Stew, to be removed from [the] church.
Mrs. Wood says Pastor thinks it’s the
Powells, who come [on] Sunday night
to criticise. Letter from Monique.
Frank and Stewart/Stew—referred to as “Frank and his mate” on Sunday 8th October 1967. I first met Frank on Wednesday 22nd June 1966.

“Audrey–Protestant Convent” dream: I had a dream about Audrey one night, when I was still going out with her, perhaps quite early in our relationship. In this dream she was being taken away from me, to be initiated into a “Protestant convent”, and I would never see her again. I remember its being a Protestant convent in the dream because I was under the impression in waking life that the only convents that existed were Catholic ones. I remember the sad parting, at Four Lane Ends, Thornton, for in the dream the convent was situated at the back of Thornton library, just across the road from there. After this I awoke, and how relieved I felt when I realised that it was only a dream, that Audrey was still mine!

Thus Audrey: A later note in the diary states: This implies that Audrey was very much Mark’s “satellite” at this time [5 May 1983]. Audrey went out with Mark briefly.

this blog is by far one of the most beautiful ones ive read.
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