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Saturday 5th July 1969


Wedding of Pamela Williams

From The Cooper Diaries:

Morn.: Rang Mrs. Williams,
when what time wedding?” Letter from
Chris: Copies of “TC Times Letter”[1]; also: ETS.[2]
Aft.: Train →M[an]c[hester], after buying GNMM[3]
in B[lack]pool. Then →church. Ceremony: 2
hymns & sermon. Took photos. Pam
looked quite nice. (Keith vowed clearly
and loudly.) Reception: I was a bit
shy at entering, not knowing whether
in fact I was invited. Stalled, but
was {kindly} shown to my place. A count was there. I didn’t know
the folks well, so I didn’t speak much.
Then, after toasts etc., talked with
various people I knew, incl. Hazel’s
husband. Then →F[leet]wood, train. Gave
Andrea GNMM. Test[imon]y meeting. Pastor
testified last. After, Karen & Jean C
“interviewed” Graham as I stood {sat (6 Jul. 1969)}
there.[4] He said, “I don’t know whether I want
to ask her (Karen) out.” I said, “Swine”, and
other (mild) things. Karen talked
with us while we were tossing a
coin several times; she wondered why.[5]
Went Woods’, then left ca. 10.40 p.m. →

[I received a] letter from Chris [enclosing] copies of [the] T[hornton] C[leveleys] Times letter: Photocopiers were still quite rare in those days and photocopying was not readily available. But Chris had offered to photocopy the clipping of my letter out of Thornton Cleveleys Times, and I had taken him up on his offer.
ETS: Evangelical Tract Society.
GNMM: Good News for Modern Man, the New Testament in Today’s English Version. Greatly surprised when Andrea Cropper told me that she’d never read the letters of Paul, I bought this modern, easy-to-read edition of the New Testament to give to her, to enable her to do so.
Karen and Jean C[oplin] “interviewed” Graham as I sat there: Presumably, Graham and I were sitting and chatting, and these two came up and, ignoring me, proceeded to fire a series of questions at him. See also Karen Hodgkinson: Saturday 5th July 1969.
[5] She wondered why: It was to decide which of us would ask her out. Cf. 6 Jul. 1969.
Took photos: And here they are:

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