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“You deserve a jolly good bonking!”

Early Days
 1. Leaving school at 3.45pm through the gate in the boys’ playground, I would turn right to catch the bus at the nearby bus-stop outside a sweetshop [candy store], still known as “Bob’s”, even though it had changed hands more than once since the eponymous Bob had it. So it was that David Jones, a crowd of Fleetwood Grammar School students, almost all female, and I were standing in the long queue, waiting for Ribble bus number 162 to take us home. More than one bus was laid on at this busy time, a convoy almost. Jones, as always, behaved with composure and dignity, whereas many of the others chattered with ever increasing shrillness and silliness.

 2. A girl jostled Jones deliberately, or made a taunting remark at him, whereupon Jones gave his historic judgment:
“You deserve a jolly good bonking.”
This was received with much mirth and scornful laughter by all around. Despite the fact that I was with Jones, I admit that I myself had to suppress a smile.

 3. It is conceivable, but not definitely remembered, that Jones in red-faced but calculating anger proceeded to roll up his school cap and attempt to administer the “bonking”, being vigorously and wrathfully resisted by the girl.

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