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Chris hypnotises Jones

Early Days
 1. Here is another event[1] that happened in Davelyshome. I had amused Chris with my tale about hypnotising Jones,[2] and Chris more or less tried to follow the same pattern that I had told him about. Jones sat in his chair, and Chris said, “David, you are going into a deep sleep, a deep— deep—” And Jones flickered his eyelids and rolled his eyes about a bit, and eventually “went under” into a trance. Or he pretended to, anyway.
[1] Another event—i.e. in addition to those described in In and around Davelyshome.
[2] See New friendships: David Jones—Autumn Term 1961.
 2. Chris proceeded to say, “Right, David, we’re going for a walk down Memory Lane.” And he tried to get Jones to say the same thing to him as he had said to me, with the little boy’s voice talking: “Daddy, Daddy! It’s a funny bus, Daddy! It’s got doors in the middle.”
 But Jones wasn’t wearing it. One can imagine him falling quite dramatically and very convincingly into this trance, and then, as Chris looks away, opening one eye suspiciously, as if to say, “I know your game!”

 3. Chris did once try to take him back to the days of the Roman Empire. Jones had a bit of a preoccupation about a previous life, and Chris took him back. He was going to enslave him, and put him in the galleys. (Chris must have been watching Ben Hur before this!) And Jones started to fight and say that he would never be captured. Chris told him that all these Roman soldiers were around him ready and waiting with chains to take him off to the galleys; and he struggled and said, “No they won’t! I will escape!” And it became a real struggle; he started fighting Chris—still supposing to be under this trance. Chris tried to pretend that he was shackling him, and Jones got quite excited—and Chris decided at that point to bring him round!
 “Oh—!” Jones gasped. “I feel— quite exhausted!” he said, or something like that. But he claimed not to remember what had just been happening while he was being hypnotised.

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