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The Sealed Envelope and Chris’s Reply

The Sealed Envelope
On 14th July 1976 Chris Woodhead and I were out for the evening, reminiscing on our schooldays. We first agreed to write independent accounts for each other of what has become known as “The Apple Incident”. (His was titled “You’ll be getting a bill from Wetherby’s, Cooper! — or, The day Trevor took one apple too many” and mine “The doorbell’s broken wire — and Dads’s wrathful ire”.)
A few days later, I wrote a few items for Chris on sayings of Jones. To ensure that Chris’s version would be independent of mine, I sealed them in an envelope with the only clues as to the contents being some titles written on the envelope: “Jones’ reaction to the theme from ‘The Outer Limits’”, “The destruction of Manchester”, “Jones’ aristocratic ancestors”, and “The ‘inassailable’ afternoon”.

Chris’s reply
There was a delay before Chris was able to reply, but on 25th September 1976 he wrote his version using my headings from the envelope.

For the stories that are based on these sources, see: Jones’s reaction to the theme from “Out Of This World”; Jones and Manchester; In and around Davelyshome.

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