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Monday 7th September 1992


Visit to Mum and Dad in Thornton Cleveleys

Extract from The Cooper Diaries:

Family history
 Nancy is some 16 years older than her brother David, and 5 years older than my Dad. When they lived in Sheffield she was like a big sister to him, used to take him to school.
 Then they moved to Blackpool, and some time later my Dad and his parents moved there.
 When Chris, Peter and I ran away from home, Nancy and Ozzy had the Golf Club near Stanley Park, and my Dad used to help them out behind the bar there. In fact he was there the night C[hris], P[eter] and I ran away.
 After finding my letter my Mum phoned him, but he didn’t see that his coming home would make any difference and remained there till he finished work.
 My Dad used to be steward at the social club at Norcross, but when he found it too much he agreed with Fred —— (his wife was Rita, and I named my two guinea pigs after them) that one should take over the stewardship for 6 months at a time and the other relieve him for nights off, then they should swop over after 6 months. Fred was steward, then, when we ran away.
 When David and Eileen might have hoped to be alone, they still had a house full.
 Susan and her husband split up, and Carol got pregnant and had a child. (Ian, it seems, is married, though, and has children.)

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