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Monday 13 February 2012

[Sunday 12 February 2012]

Woke after 7am. Breakfast ca.8.30am. I didn’t feel like eating much. We paid a visit to the shop near the front entrance, then a bit later had a stroll round the park.

09:52:21 This lizard seems to be in the process of growing its tail back.

The only comfortable-looking seating place that afforded shelter from the sun was by the wall of the dining terrace, so we sat there. A cat and kitten meowed constantly. We weren’t impressed when the mother cat drank milk from the jug on one of the vacated tables. Nor when one of the guests encouraged it to do so.

10:24:33 Very unhygienic — don’t have breakfast on the terrace at the Sofitel Karnak!

10:49:30 Mother cat and kitten

11:06:48 White wagtail

Back to the room for a bit. I sat on the balcony and ate the crisps we bought yesterday.

12:06:25 Hoopoe on the lawn below the balcony

We vacated the room when the cleaner came, and found a shelter near the river with two chairs.


Later, back to the cool of the room.… I also had a wander out in the park.



16:04:36 Hooded crow

Dinner: we didn’t have a half-empty cup of almost cold coffee this evening. Another early night in preparation for tomorrow.

[Tuesday 14 February 2012]

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