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Thursday 3 May 2012

[Wednesday 2 May 2012]
  • At sea
I ran 27 more of yesterday’s photos through Photoshop (08:07–08:17). Janet wrote: “…We were up at 7.30am then went for breakfast. Today we sat at a table for four with a lovely, well travelled, elderly couple. We then went to the Holyrood Bar for a ‘disembowelling’ talk!”
09:30, Disembarkation Talk
Holyrood Show Lounge
Meet your Shore Excursions Manager, Rhys
Davies as he talks you through the
disembarkation process.
I ran 26 more of yesterday’s photos through Photoshop (10:06–10:14). “After that, we returned to our cabin and sat around for a while ‘doing our own thing’, then we decamped to the Boat House with stuff to do. We a coffee then later a Diet Coke [Coca-Cola Light] each.” I remember taking “the little feller” with me on a couple of occasions and working on PowerPoint shows of the photos; perhaps that was what I was doing. “At 12.30pm we had lunch then returned to our cabin. We watched Dreamgirls (a film) on the telly then I went off for a Diet Coke [Coca-Cola Light] in the Tower Piano Bar and [John] tweaked photos.” Dreamgirls is a 2006 musical drama movie, a roman à clef about The Supremes. My “tweaking photos” was in fact the compilation of PowerPoint shows of recent photos. “After I returned to our cabin,” Janet continued, “I did some stuff and updated this. At 3.30pm we went for tea in the Kensington Restaurant. We saw lots of — kittiwakes? — following the ship, flying above the waves and floating on the water like paper boats. Back to our cabin. I updated this then did as much packing as I could. It took me until 5.30pm. At 5.45pm we headed to the Kensington Restaurant for dinner. Super. We returned to our cabin at 7.30pm and had a picture show then at 8.30pm we decamped to the Tower Piano Bar and bagged the optimum seats. [John] had a wheat beer and I had 2 x Diet Coke [Coca-Cola Light].” I had a wheat beer, despite having had the “runs” today (most likely because of consumption of wheat beer yesterday).
Solo Carmen
Our duo play some beautiful music for
you this evening.
I think the “solo”, above, is a misprint. “At 9.15pm Carmen again entertained us with beautiful classical music until 10.00pm. SUPERB. I ‘collared’ them and told them how much I enjoyed their performance and that it was a wonderful end to a wonderful holiday. We then returned to our cabin. I… finished packing the suitcases and they went outside our door.… I updated this. We booked a wake-up call for 5.30am. Bed, 11pm.” Having to put the suitcases outside the cabin before midnight was inconvenient; we’d have liked to have got ourselves ready tomorrow then put them out. Also, we weren’t pleased that cabins had to be vacated by 7.00am!

[Friday 4 May 2012]

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