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Friday 7 September 2012

17:26–20:39 Cleethorpes–Manchester Airport
…Janet wanted to review travel documents, etc., downstairs; otherwise, I collected items for my hand-luggage. The taxi arrived at the time booked, 5.00pm; and the train, initially baking in hot sunshine, left on time with the air-conditioning running. As far as Sheffield we had to put up with a toddler with a piercingly loud cry in front of me (behind Janet, who sat facing me), and another small child who kept putting the arm-rest of the seat behind Janet up then causing it to fall with a jolt; eventually, Janet was exasperated and asked the child to stop. The sun was low enough to be intrusive and dazzling as we passed the Stainforth and Keadby Canal; the last hint of it was visible just over the Peak District hills; and it was dark when we arrived at Manchester Airport station. I saw the illuminated sign for Bewley’s Hotel some 200 yards away to the left, but when we attempted to walk there, our way was blocked by traffic lanes with no way across. So we went back to the station and got a taxi. I waited in a bit of a queue to check in at the reception desk. I was issued with a key card, Room 225; declined “full Irish breakfast” (the familiar expression is “full English…”; accepted the offer of a booking for the 7.15am shuttle tomorrow to the airport terminal; then we went up to the room — somewhat larger than expected, with a small round table, sofa and armchair, as well as a double bed and desk-cum-dressing table along the wall — and a sizeable bathroom, with shower attachment in the bathtub. I’d only had fish fingers and chips
[fish sticks and French fries] for lunch, and a beef sandwich for tea (what I’d normally eat on a Friday, but in reverse order), and was hungry; but when we went down to the “Brasserie lounge”, I didn’t want any of the items on the menu, so we returned to the room. Janet was exasperated when she couldn’t find things she needed in the baggage; she felt better after a shower; I checked e-mails and had a look at Facebook — for there was free internet at Bewley’s, so I was able also to check the name “Stainforth and Keadby Canal” as I did diary update. Janet went to bed ca.10.30pm, feeling bunged up, and I perhaps ca.11.30pm or shortly after. I usually have a pillow under my feet, but there weren’t any spare ones so I slept without one under my head. A note promised spare pillows in the cupboard next to the wardrobe or some similar location — but no such cupboard existed!
[Saturday 8 September 2012]

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