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Thursday 20 June 2013

[Wednesday 19 June 2013]

Return from Nottingham
11:17 Nottingham
12:21 Lincoln Central
12:37 Lincoln Central
13:10 Barnetby
13:29 Barnetby
13:57 Cleethorpes

Day 171 Thurs 20 June Ecc 7-12

It was raining when we woke up. Took two photos from the window (07:30); copied them to the computer (07:32), edited them (07:37, 07:41), and made them into a PowerPoint presentation (07:42–07:53).

Thursday 20 June 2013 — 07:30:12
Rainy morning view from the hotel-room sixth-floor window

Thursday 20 June 2013 — 07:30:46
Rainy morning view from the hotel-room sixth-floor window

I made myself another cup of instant coffee, but didn’t purchase breakfast in the hotel. Pasted the PowerPoint rubrics and photos into this document, above, etc. (to 09:51). Janet packed, then we went down to reception and checked out. The receptionist phoned for a taxi. I had a bacon “roll” and a latte coffee in the station platform café. We got the 10:29 (09:25 from Leicester) to Lincoln (11:31) — these are the scheduled times; I didn’t note the actual times — but there was no connecting service till the originally planned 12:37. For a trip to Cleethorpes the original e-mail, when I booked the tickets, specified a change at Barnetby, but we could equally have changed at Grimsby Town. So we stayed on the train to Grimsby (13:35). I say “train” but it was just a single coach, and the seats were packed together with not-quite-adequate leg-room. Janet likes to sit in one of the locations where there are opposing seats with a table between them, but it was hard for me to get into one because there was insufficient room between the table’s supporting leg and the seat to get one’s foot through without twisting it. And one couldn’t stand up because the edge of the table was in the way. Indeed, I left my seat later and sat in the one behind it, facing in the same direction. Even there, the bottom of the seat in front that I’d just left was too low, so when I stretched my legs out, the shin pressed up against the bottom of that seat. We crossed the road outside Grimsby Town station forecourt and got a №13 (time on ticket: 13:45). Back home…

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