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Wednesday 26 March 2014

[Tuesday 25 March 2014]

10:43 Manchester Airport—13:50 Cleethorpes

Day 85 Numbers 34; John 16

We got up 9-ish o’clock, and I made myself another cup of coffee. I’d used up all the sugar (it took all four tiny sachets to make it sweet enough) last night, so used the low-calorie sweetener. We were about to check out when the driver of our 10.15am booked taxi reported to reception. The Premier Inn across the road that we saw from the taxi was recognisably the one we stayed at before. The luggage rack on the 10:43 train was already full when we boarded, but there was space opposite in the area allocated to bicycles. Our part of the coach had a Chinese family seated nearby; it was their luggage which took up most of the rack and more. I noticed “FRA” and “MAN” on the airline luggage-tag, so they’d evidently flown in from Frankfurt. Some Japanese (I think) people sat next to us. They got off at Sheffield.… We, and the Chinese people, got off at Grimsby Town station. The taxis have returned to the forecourt; last time, this was being re-laid with that ugly breeze block-like paving that has been put down in Top Town and Freeman Street, and the taxis were round the corner. Among the mail there was an appointment letter from St. Thomas’ Hospital.…

The buds on the cherry tree, not noticeable when we went away, were now pale green and beginning to open. It was cold and rainy outside…


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