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Friday 16 May 2014

[Thursday 15 May 2014]

Premier Inn, Runger Lane North
08:55 Manchester Airport
11:50 Cleethorpes

Day 136 Psalms 124; 1 Samuel 7-9
…The alarm clock went off ca.7am. Used the bathroom after Janet. Changed the dressings on the heels but not on the elbows. We were downstairs and checked out by 8.15am, and as we waited in the Costa lounge, I had an Americano with milk and Janet a Pepsi Max. Mine was “small” but seemed fairly large to me, so I was right not to choose “medium” or “large”. I realised that I was without my walking stick, so told the receptionist who activated a card for the room we’d been in, “404”, and went up to retrieve it. The taxi booked for 8.20am was a bit late, so although I’d chosen a cup “to go”, i.e. disposable, I was able to finish it there. The train was on the platform ready to board. The luggage rack was full, so we used the space opposite with fold-down seats providing space for wheelchairs or bicycles. Copied yesterday’s photos and movies from the camera to the WD Elements HDD (08:50–08:51).… The train was delayed over ¼-hour because of congestion at Manchester Piccadilly caused by other late-running trains. One of the toilets was not in use, and the other one was troublesome because the door wouldn’t open, and when it did it wouldn’t shut again. When I used it, though, both before Janet did, and later, it was OK; it was Janet who encountered the problem. We got off at Grimsby Town station for the ease of getting taxis there, and were home not long after midday.…

[Rome, 2014]

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