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Tuesday 27 September 2016

[Monday 26 September 2016]

Apulia, Lecce and Vieste - Undiscovered Italy
Premier Inn, Runger Lane South
08:55–11:49 Manchester Airport–Cleethorpes

I was awake ca.6.30am, so I shaved, showered, and got dressed, by which time Janet beginning to stir. I went down for breakfast before she actually got up (orange juice, corn flakes, bacon, sausages and baked beans, and coffee). We checked out a little before 8.30am. In fact, we didn’t “check out” at all, because the receptionist was away from the desk for some reason; it was the shuttle-minibus driver who took our room key-cards and jotted the room number on a scrap of paper. Because all the scheduled passengers were there, we left a minute or two before 8.30am. We picked up another at the Runger Lane North Premier Inn, and the first drop-off was outside the railway station. We went to the waiting room on the platform where the Cleethorpes train would arrive, not the main buffet/waiting room. It was a cool day, but surprisingly the waiting room was agreeably heated. We managed to get our cases on the luggage rack, i.e. didn’t have to leave them in the aisle. The journey was uneventful and on time. The carriage was unnecessarily and draughtily refrigerated, though. We got off at Grimsby Town Station for the ease of getting a taxi from there, and were home just before midday.…


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