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My Dad makes a decision for Christ

Cf. Whom I’d like to meet in eternity…

1965, the year that changed my life
A letter from Chris

Sunday evening, 1st August 1965
 1. Immediately prior to going into the service at the Full Gospel Church, Fleetwood, on the evening of 1st August 1965, my Dad smoked a cigarette outside (his last: he has never had one since); then he went in.

"My Dad" — 1974

 2. He can’t remember what the message was, but remembers that it was given by a visiting speaker — perhaps Pastor Cartwright, the thin, unassuming, middle-aged man, with a high-pitched voice, who had the Elim church at Marton, and wore a dog-collar, which Assemblies of God pastors, such as Stanley Smith at Fleetwood, didn’t generally do.

 3. And that evening, about three or four weeks after he had started going to the church, my Dad finally gave his heart to the Lord.

Another letter from Chris

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