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A letter from Chris

1965, the year that changed my life
Letters from Chris and from Pamela

Friday 30th July 1965
 1. Chris got my letter on Friday, and he also wrote back immediately.

136, Clee Rd. 
Old Clee  

Dear John,
 Thanks for your letter which I got this morning. I don’t think that I’ll be able to get any tracts from the church here, I don’t think they’re too keen on letting anybody have them, so I’d appreciate it if you could send some. I’m afraid I haven’t been very successful so far in witnessing, but I’m trying to get Nunky to go to Sharon, or at least get somebody to go and ask for prayer, he’s just had a serious eye operation and he’s got to go in to have another soon, and that’s all on top of his original complaint with his ears, so it would be a good thing all round if he would as he’s only a nuisance to Aunt Grace and Aunt Mar, who have to look after him all the time.

“Aunt Grace” was, in fact, Chris’s great aunt, his mother’s mother’s sister. She was married to “Nunc” or “Nunky” (Uncle Charlie). “Aunt Mar” (Marion) was Grace’s unmarried sister, who lived with them.
 I’d like to tell you again that what I said about Hazel I really meant it, and it came from the bottom of my heart. If you think it’s a good idea to send my letter to Pam I’ve no objections, so long as she doesn’t think that I’ve got anything to do with it. I got a short letter back from her, yesterday thanking me for my letter. I’ll quote part of what she said:
 “…it was very nice of you to think of writing and explaining things more fully.”
 “I agree with you that there’s no need for us to be unfriendly about it, we can still be good friends”… so whether she still likes me or not I don’t know, but I’d give anything to find out. If she writes back before I get home, please let me know what she says, because I’m always thinking about her. Don’t you think it’s wonderful to have a Saviour to hold back our tears in times like this, honest I don’t know what I’d do without him just lately. You know, every time I want to let loose and have a good cry about it, I can almost hear him say to me, “Don’t worry, I’m here.” Isn’t it wonderful. I’m sure he must have something in store for us, for only he can know how much I still love her.
 I’m glad to hear that you think that the barber’s done a good job on your hair. I’ll not recognise you when I get back, it’s such a long time since you had it short before, still maybe it suits you like that.
 I hope that the convention goes all right. I’m sorry I shall miss it. I’ve been reckoning on it for a bit but if the Lord wants me here, I’ll have to stay.
 I’m going to see the Beatles’ new film [“Help!”] on Monday, it was only released yesterday, and it’s on at two picture houses here, but you should have seen the queues yesterday, they started queuing at 11 o’clock in the morning so I’m glad I never went then, has it gone to Blackpool yet?
 On Tuesday me and our Brian’s been honoured by being invited on Aunt Mar’s annual trip to Hull, so let’s hope the weather stays alright.
Brian is Chris’s cousin, the son of his Auntie Joan and Uncle Gordon with whom he was staying.
 Well I can’t think of anything else to say, so give my regards to Trev and Peter, and tell them I’ll see them on Saturday (week), God willing.
 I’ll enclose 1/- to help you with the postage of the tracts in case they cost more than 4d to send.

Yours in Jesus Christ,

"Brian… Chris… Auntie Joan and Uncle Gordon…" — 1975 photos

Saturday 31st July 1965
 2. The day I received it, Saturday, or the next day, I wrote a reply to Chris’s letter. I told him that I didn’t send his letter to Pam (for Hazel to see) after all.

My Dad makes a decision for Christ

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