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Early Days1965, the year that changed my life
“Rag Doll”

Perhaps Saturday 5th December 1964
 The ITV television programme magazine T.V.Times used to come out on a Friday. “It’s only fourpence, every Friday,” was what a TV advertisement for it said at one time.
 Perhaps on the day it arrived one early December day in 1964, perhaps a day or two later, I was looking through it. There was a slightly greater tendency for T.V.Times to show pictures of attractive women in somewhat provocative poses and partly unbuttoned dresses than, say, the Radio Times, the magazine for BBC radio and television programmes.
 But as I turned the pages, it was the single word “Sharon” that caught my eye, and thinking that the programme was about some girl whose story might be of interest to me, I stopped to read. But “Sharon” wasn’t the name of a person at all; it was the name of a church in Manchester.
 “How strange!” I thought. “Fancy calling a church by a girl’s name!”
 The programme was a documentary about “faith healing”; it was claimed by this church that miracles of healing occurred there regularly.
 Then I continued to turn the pages of the magazine and thought little more about it, except that my curiosity was aroused slightly and I felt that I wouldn’t mind seeing the programme.

“Fancy calling a church by a girl’s name!” – Sharon in 2001

"A girl's name!" – a pretty girl called Sharon whom I knew ca. 1969
Chris and I watch “Sharon” on TV

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