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  1. /ˈʃærən/
    the girl’s name Sharon.

    A pretty girl called Sharon, 30 May 1969. She is mentioned in my story Susan Pipe.

  2. /ˈʃɛərən/
    name of a number of evangelical Protestant churches, specifically Sharon Full Gospel Church, Chorlton Road, Manchester M16 7WQ.

    Sharon in 2001

    • Sharon in Hebrew means a level place or plain, and as a proper name designates the coastal plain, some 50 miles from north to south and 9–10 miles wide, in northern Palestine.

    • In the Bible, in the love poem the Song of Solomon, are found these words (Song 2:1): “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” Commentators have differed about whether these words should be regarded as the lover’s or the beloved’s in the poem, and “spiritualising” interpreters have therefore variously applied them to both Christ and the Church.

    How the applying of the name Sharon to a number of churches came about, I am uncertain, but it presumably had its origin in this latter, devotional interpretation of the Song of Solomon.
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  3. /ˈʃɛərən/
    Sharon, a 45-minute Granada TV documentary programme, transmitted Wednesday 9th December 1964, about Sharon Full Gospel Church, Manchester, and in particular its ministry of divine healing.

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  4. /ˈʃærən/ or /ˈʃɛərən/
    name of Trevor’s house in Briar Road, Thornton, to which he and his family moved in 1965.

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