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Holiday in Scarborough — Day Two

1965, the year that changed my life
Holiday in Scarborough — Day One

Sunday 18th July 1965
 1. In the morning the military march sounded, and we assembled for breakfast. Forever engraved on my memory are two of the choices available — porridge and cereal — for with very little exercise of my imagination I can still hear Uncle Tom’s stentorian call:
“Does anybody want any more porridge or cereal?”
 2. Any hopes that Chris and I had for a change in the girls’ attitude — “Perhaps they’re just tired; perhaps they just need time to settle in” — were quickly disappointed. But Mary, I noticed, had constant access to their friendship and attention. I got the notion that Mary was working to put Pam off me; and back in the chalet, my consequent feeling of loathing for her expressed itself in an enraged outburst to Chris and Peter. “I know it’s un-Christian,” I said between clenched teeth, “but I hate that woman!”

Holiday in Scarborough — Day Three

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