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Peter Richard Gooding

Peter Gooding in 1965…

…and in 1967
In the second year at Fleetwood Grammar School — September 1962 or shortly after that — one lunch-time, I saw Jones playing a chasing-and-catching game with another boy. I asked to join in, and was allowed to.[more] The boy was Peter Gooding — called “Peter”, “Pete”, or following school practice “Gooding” by me, and “Goods” by Jones (who, incidentally, called his Mum “Mums”, his Dad “Dads”, and me “Coops”). Gooding may have been in the same class (or “form”, as classes were called there) as Jones. We were all in the same year, but I was in a different form. Afterwards, I started to see Peter separately. He lived in a caravan [trailer home] on a site at Limebrest Farm, off School Road, Thornton.[1] He had previously lived in Blackpool, and Wallasey, but came originally from Northwich, Cheshire.
[1] See Limebrest Farm, Thornton Cleveleys.

School Road, Thornton, before the professional vandals known as local-authority planners decided in the 1970s that School Road needed to be widened and they destroyed the trees

Entrance from School Road into Limebrest Avenue — 1979 photo. In the early to mid-1960s the houses at the end of Limebrest Avenue had not been built; there were just fields there. The entrance to Limebrest Farm is on the right.

Entrance to Limebrest Farm — 1979 photo. The caravan site
[trailer park] was at the rear of the farmhouse. All of this has now been eaten up by housing estates.
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