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John Nelson Parr, Fleetwood, Lancs. England.
March, 1972.

“Incredible”: autobiography of John Nelson Parr — Contents
Appendix “C”


March 28th, 1924.
Beloved in Christ Jesus,
 Greetings! I am pleased to say that the response to our last circular has been most encouraging, may we therefore join together in thanksgiving unto our Glorious Lord for His Divine blessing upon our efforts.
 The Assemblies of God of Great Britain and Ireland is now an accomplished fact and the time has arrived when, by the grace and blessing of God it should become a living, powerful and energetic organism.
 Enclosed you will find a list of “A” Meetings who have agreed to be recognised as Assemblies of God, and these meetings therefore now constitute the Assemblies of God of Great Britain and Ireland. “B” Meetings who have signed form B and therefore desire further information before signing Form “A”. We expect these meetings will send representatives to the first General United Conference.
 The Assemblies of God of South Wales, have unanimously accepted the minutes and statements of Fundamental Truths and have agreed to send representatives to the Conference.
 Regarding the General United Conference. It has been suggested to me that all the meetings shown on the attached list should have an opportunity of voting on the time and place.
 The places suggested are London, Birmingham and Preston, in this connection there is one important point to consider i.e. cheap railway facilities will be available to London from all parts of the country during April and May.
 The times suggested are Friday and Saturday, May 2nd and 3rd or May 9th and 10th, or Thursday and Friday May 1st and 2nd or May 8th and 9th.
 Will you kindly let me have a P.C. by return giving your suggestions on these two points,
 I attach herewith suggested Agenda, this is subject to revision.
 Will you kindly favour me with the names of any brethren you desire to nominate for the Executive Presbytery—see Minute 18.
 If you have any suggestions to make regarding the Missionary Problem and the publication of an official organ it will save much time if you will kindly let me have them before the Conference.
 Our greatest need is much prayer, so that we may be saved from becoming lifeless and over-organised but that the work may be established in the Abounding Grace of God and the Omnipotent Power of the Spirit of God.
 Yours very sincerely in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
J. N. Parr.

Belfast—Ireland. Mansfield Woodhouse
“South” York
Southampton Horden
Margate Burnley
Southsea Hull
Southall—Middlesex Goldthorpe—Rotherham
London Scarborough
Highbury Spilsby
Lee, S.E. Blackpool
Hampstead Preston
Stratford Blackburn
Bible School N. Wingfield—Chesterfield
Plumstead Sunderland
North Manchester
Doncaster Wakefield
Whitehaven Crigglestone
Elterwater—Ambleside   Chesterfield
Liverpool Central Birmingham
Lytham Assemblies of God (S. Wales)

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