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John Nelson Parr, Fleetwood, Lancs. England.
March, 1972.

“Incredible”: autobiography of John Nelson Parr — Contents
Appendix “B”


February, 1924.

Beloved in Christ Jesus,

(1) Greetings. A preliminary Meeting of the Signatories to Circular No. 1, was held at Birmingham on the 1st February and it is with joy that we acknowledge the wonderful blessing of God upon our first Meeting.

(2) The following resolutions were unanimously passed:
(A) That this Meeting of Signatories to Circular No. 1, whilst recognising the need of establishing unity of Pentecostal (Spirit Baptized) believers, resolve that we do not intend identifying ourselves as, or establishing ourselves into a sect, that is a human organisation that legislates or creates laws and usurps authority over Assemblies and has unscriptural jurisdiction over its members, and creates unscriptural lines of fellowship; neither do we intend depriving any Assembly of its scriptural rights and privileges.

(B) We do, however, recognise the need and recommend the adoption of scriptural methods and order for worship, unity, fellowship, work and business for God, and of disapproving all unscriptural methods, doctrines and conduct, endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace, until we all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the Stature of the fullness of Christ, as recorded in Eph. 4:17–32.

(C) In order to establish closer co-operation and fellowship it has been decided to hold a Conference of the Leaders, Pastors and Elders who replied favourably to the first Circular at (to be decided later).
(3) I have pleasure in enclosing herewith,
1. A Statement of Fundamental Truths.

2. A list of the proposals, which have been heartily endorsed and passed by the Signatories for the purpose of establishing co-operation and fellowship. (See Minutes 1–21.)
(4) The Statement and Minutes were very thoroughly and prayerfully discussed before being passed, and no proposal was accepted until all modifications, criticism or objections had been satisfactorily dealt with.

(5) With reference to Minute 1. I am asked to point out that it is not expected that all Meetings will change the Names of the Halls or Meeting Rooms they occupy at present, but it is suggested that a note is made on all literature, notices, etc., “Assembly of God Meeting in…”.

(6) I enclose herewith, a form of application for fellowship and shall be glad if you will kindly sign this and return to me as early as possible. (See Minutes 2 and 3.) At the same time kindly let me know if you have any suggested alterations or amendments to the Minutes or Fundamentals.

(7) A General United Conference of all the Leaders and Elders of the Meetings accepting these proposals will D.V. be held early in March. Any suggestions you have will D.V. be discussed at this Conference.

(8) If you desire any further information about any of the proposals I shall be only too pleased to give you the fullest particulars possible.

(9) Finally may we beseech you in the Name of our Saviour and Lord to help to bring about that co-operation, fellowship and unity which is the dire need of the Full Gospel Meetings with which we are associated.

 With very Sincere Greetings in the Name of our One Lord and Redeemer.
 Signed on behalf of the following signatories,

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