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John Nelson Parr, Fleetwood, Lancs. England.
March, 1972.

“Incredible”: autobiography of John Nelson Parr — Contents
Chapter Six: An Incredible Burden

Chapter Seven

Thirty-four meetings decided to become Assemblies of God and also the South Wales Assemblies unanimously accepted the Statement of Fundamentals and the Constitution. This made a total of about 70 Assemblies of God and it was with great joy that a Circular was sent to all these assemblies on March 28th, 1924, expressing great thanksgiving because the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland was now an accomplished fact (see Appendix “D”). It was decided to arrange the first General United Conference for May 8th–9th, 1924. And I requested the First Presbyters to favour me with nominations for the First Executive Presbytery.

At this First General Presbytery Conference the Statement of Fundamental Truths and the Constitution was corrected, amended and finally approved. It was also agreed to publish an official magazine quarterly and call it “Redemption Tidings”; it was also decided to hold our First United Assemblies of God Convention in Peniel Chapel, London (kindly loaned to us) on August 24th, 1924. There was a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon this Convention and scores of people were Baptised in the Spirit and spoke in tongues. Our Second Annual Convention was held in Kingsway Hall, London, Whitsuntide, 1925, and amazing scenes of Pentecostal power and blessing were seen every Whitsuntide in Kingsway Hall, London for many years.

It was my privilege to be the Chairman Secretary of the newly formed Assemblies of God and Editor of “Redemption Tidings” for ten years. At a later date a very live weekly paper called “Redemption Tidings Ambassador” was published.

The members of the First Assemblies of God Executive Presbytery were the following Brethren: Howard Carter, T. L. Hicks (representing about forty Welsh Assemblies), T. Myerscough, J. Nelson Parr (Chairman Secretary), H. Webster and F. Watson. The first meeting of the Executive Presbytery was held on March 7th, 1925. The Executive Presbytery did their very utmost to bring about a Scriptural unity with the Elim Movement but unfortunately all our efforts did not accomplish anything positive.

The years 1920 to 1940 appeared to be decades of phenomenal Pentecostal revival and supernatural visitation. The campaigns conducted by Pastor George Jeffreys and Pastor Stephen Jeffreys were absolutely indescribable. I remember visiting one crusade being conducted by Pastor Stephen Jeffreys and found people queuing up in the afternoon for the meeting to be held the evening of the following day, in other words they queued up for one night and a whole day in order to be sure of securing a seat. About 1925 Pastor Stephen Jeffreys commenced conducting revival and divine healing campaigns in association with Assembles of God and tremendous scenes of Holy Ghost revival with signs, wonders and miracles were witnessed all over the country and some of the greatest Pentecostal churches were established as a result of these campaigns. After about ten years of very hard work, toil and much labour the Manchester Pentecostal Assembly would have a membership of forty-five, and 1927 appeared to be a favourable time to launch a great Revival and Divine Healing Campaign in Manchester with Pastor Stephen Jeffreys as the Revivalist. This would mean spending every penny we had in hand and a few objected to this, however, feeling very strongly it was God’s time I stepped out and trusted the Lord to supply our needs and deal with the opposition.

Chapter 8: An Incredible Campaign

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